• About Kinoe

    We are a Yakiniku (Japanese Barbecue) store specialized in Omi beef, Kobe beef, and seasonal vegetables. We only offer ingredients that we truly love ourselves, and we hope you too, will be in love with what we offer. Still leaving the good essences of Japanese yakiniku culture, we have made arrangements in our menus so foreign visitors can spend a better time at our restaurant. Another aspect unique to us is that we provide rare meat that you may not have a chance to see in other restaurants.

  • Kinoe's Omi Beef

    Omi beef has the longest history out of all brands and is one of the three major beef brands alongside Kobe beef and Matsuzaka beef. From Shiga prefecture, Kamei farm, we buy a whole cow, aging it with our very own method. This allows us to offer the lean meat with an even richer flavor.

  • Kinoe's Kobe Beef

    Kobe beef is now known to the world for its beauty and sweetness of the marbled meat. Its fibers are so small that it melts in your mouth, which no other beef can compete against.

  • Kinoe's Vegetables

    We use vegetables grown in the same lands of Omi beef, and also traditional Kyoto vegetables (kyo-yasai). Fresh vegetables play an important role in yakiniku. Therefore we select not only our meat but our vegetables with care.

  • Qualified to serve raw meat.

    "Yukhoe" loved by people throughout the long history of Japanese yakiniku culture, is our signature dish. Its cooking method is simple. High quality round meat is seasoned with egg and sauce. Many people become addicted to the rich flavor of the meat and spices. In Japan, there is a strict regulation on serving raw meat. Our kitchen has met the safety standard and has received the qualification for serving raw meat. We promise to offer fresh and safe raw meat.

  • Reservation

    Please make a reservation by phone or Internet from here

住所 〒604-0956 京都府京都市中京区押小路通柳馬場東入等持寺町34-1 ペペ御所南1F
営業時間 17:00~24:00 (L.O.23:00)
定休日 年中無休
電話番号 075-211-2991